MCPS and families prepare in case serious respiratory infection hits area

Respiratory Aliment Preparation 2014

A common respiratory virus has been affecting children in some states particularly hard. Enterovirus D-68 can cause severe breathing problems, especially in children with asthma or other pre-existing conditions.

The ailment has not yet been confirmed in Virginia, but Manassas City Public Schools is preparing for its possible arrival. With your help, and the use of standard precautions, we can minimize any possible impact from this ailment to keep our students and families healthy.

What to look out for:
•Watch for cold-like symptoms that seem worse than normal, or involve fever, rash, or difficulty breathing;
•Get children to a doctor quickly if they have pre-existing respiratory problems like asthma, or have increasing respiratory difficulty.

Good health practices are the best protection:

Enteroviruses are common and cannot be prevented or cured. Their spread can be controlled.
•Wash hands frequently with soap and water;
•Cover nose and mouth with a sleeve or a tissue when coughing or sneezing;
•Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent the spread of germs;
•Watch carefully for cold-like symptoms – sick adults and children should be kept at home for at least 24 hours after fever is gone;
•If someone is sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to help prevent spreading illness;
•Avoid kissing, hugging, or sharing utensils with people who are sick;
•Disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs, especially if someone is sick;
•Take steps to ensure optimal control of asthma in children;
•We encourage you to get your annual influenza vaccine.

What MCPS is doing:
•School nurses will be carefully monitoring student health and all illnesses;
•Good health practices will be reinforced with students;
•Students showing symptoms of illness will be promptly sent home;
•Parents will be alerted to any unusual levels of illnesses

As with many ailments, good preparation and precautionary measures are truly the best medicine for Enterovirus D-68.

Mom Is On Drudge

A Working Mom Before There Were Working Moms

A Working Mom Before There Were Working Moms

Anyone who grew up in Buffalo, or Upstate, in the 60s will appreciate this picture now on Drudge linked with the Farmers’ Almanac’s prediction for a harsh winter. Many people assume that severe winters were the major reason why Buffalo at one time in the 70s had the steepest population decline of any major metropolitan area in the U.S. , but in fact, the major factors that led to Buffalo’s decline in those years were high taxes and a political leadership which catered to special interests rather than protecting the average Mom , Pop, and Kids from being buried from the negligence and self-serving interests of that very same leadership. In short winter may be harsh this year, but perhaps worse than the weather forecast is the political forecast: no relief in sight for another 3 years.

97% Probability That Some Politicians Will Never Change

97% Probability That Some Politicians Will Never Change And Virginia’s New York State of Mind



Toogood For Prosecution?

The former Principal of Jennie Dean Elementary School, Mr. Toogood committed fraud, serious fraud to obtain his position, and with his fake doctorate he snatched and grabbed the highest salary possible from the citizens of Manassas. The salary and compensation package over the course of his tenure has to have been easily over half a million dollars.

Shouldn’t those in charge of our school system now be requesting criminal charges be brought against Mr. Toogood? Shouldn’t they be exploring and pursuing restitution and some sort of lean on Mr. Toogood’s assets? Shouldn’t they be bringing the same focus and energy they brought to raising taxes on Manassas citizens to pay Mr. Toogood top tiered salary now be brought to bear on recovering funds that were meant to educate the children of Manassas and not reward the fake educational credentials of Mr. Toogood?

And if you want to know why such fraud is so often overlooked and not investigated one has only to look at the WPost, – he was a nice guy. Thank you WPost for playing such a great role in promoting role models for our youth. Listen kids it’s okay to lie and steal as long as you’re inspirational and can make people smile.


Welcome to Manassas! Atlanta!

Mi escuela es tu escuela?

Mi escuela es tu escuela?



We are missing a great business opportunity. I propose using any rainy day funds we have stashed away and flying our local leaders around the country to advise communities on what to expect and how to deal with a sudden unexpected and unplanned crash of their local government agencies and economic and social infrastructure. We can call it the Manassas Flying Circus and I’m sure the Feds can reimburse us and redirect some already appropriated funds  our way if we say really nice things about them.


Bye! Bye!

Bye! Bye!


Once again Manassas City Schools raises the question : 58% of City Revenue Goes to This?




Shouldn’t this lead to resignations? School Board members who oversaw the hiring? And who ever vetted this individual in the Central Office , if that person is still in the City’s employment, should resign. Immediately.

Another question needs to be asked is: Whether he used someone else’s credentials to get his job? This a huge issue in the cases of fraud now being exposed and investigated across the Federal Government.

The collapse of our immigration system is directly related to systematic fraud and corruption in the hiring process within USCIS and ICE. The National Benefits Center and the National Records Center referenced in my last post has for years used other people’s credentials to promote less and totally unqualified individuals to positions that drastically impact our immigration system.

It will be interesting to see in this case whether the FBI/DOJ open up a file on Mr. Toogood. Is Mr. Toogood a Virginia resident? By lying about his credentials Mr Toogood also knowingly gouged, defrauded the Manassas taxpayer of the highest salary possible.


The Banality of Evil

The Banality of Evil

Over a year ago I suggested that the collapse of our immigration system could not have happened without the active participation and knowledge of local and state politicians. I cited the example of the Kansas City MO area which experienced a boom in US immigration workers handling the DACA kids and now likely the UAC. You would be surprised at the people and strange bedfellows feeding off the collapse of the system. For instance, how many of you know that Virginia houses many of the records of immigrants and visitors which are no longer housed at the National Records Center in Lee’s Summit MO ? Did you know that Virginia is the place to locate for the booming Immigration Law industry? Did you know that USIS the company which has botched thousands, thousands of government employee background checks, including Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard Shooter, has been awarded a contract by USCIS? Did you know that the Director of the National Benefits Center has deep connections to our local metro area and the contractor and legal community which has made a fortune from many Americans’ misfortune in dealing with the negative consequences of a chaotic and corrupt immigration system? Did you know that Director, who also headed up the National Record Center at one time, has been the subject of whistleblower reports of gross misconduct, corrupt hiring practices, destruction of public records and manufacturing of false records? Did you know the President recently recognized and rewarded the Director for his service? Did you know Congressional investigators are afraid to investigate or bring to light the stellar record of the Director because they are afraid of what they have already exposed or will expose in regard to classified government use of the immigration system? The government use of which is so botched and compromised that key government agencies no longer know whether they are running targets  or are being run by targets?

Now that the Administration and other “pro-reform ” immigration advocates like to speak of the necessity of fixing our “broken immigration system,” a system many of them or their political allies have made a fortune and/or a career in breaking, see the new head of the USCIS, (or for that matter the former Director who is now No.2 at DHS) it might be worth a little time focusing on the losers in the collapse of our immigration system.


The losers? First up, the Youth For Tomorrow.






On Deck: Charter Schools


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