Disturbing item in the Inside NOVA article concerning the recent suspension with pay of the Osbourn Principal which the School Board and Administration has refused to explain. It appears that Principal Brenner recently condoned and applauded a “raucous demonstrations” in our High School because she supported the political principles of the raucous demonstrators:

“The organizers of the protest were planning to hold a small gathering, but it morphed into a raucous demonstration by hundreds of students. Yet, rather than punishing its planners, students say Benner personally commended their courage and delivered a heartfelt announcement over the school’s P.A. system to assure immigrant children that they were safe at Osbourn.”

So…It’s ok for creating a possibly unsafe, volatile and potentially hostile environment in our schools if the Principal signs off on it? Is that MCPS’ position? School Board? City Council? Mr. Mayor? And how long will taxpayers continue to pay a rather large salary to someone who doesn’t have to show up for work? Will we then become a magnet for other Principals in the region and the country who want to come to MCPS and get paid but not work? Curious minds, parents, taxpayers, opportunistic lawyers (Are there any other kind of lawyers?) want to know.


No More Please! My Account is Maxed Out!

Every Metz Middle School student was ordered to march off to the cafeteria for breakfast this morning, read about it here in the Democratic Party’s in house publication. No money, no problem MCPS just put it on your kid’s bill.

How low can the Manassas school system go? Not only will they force feed the gruel they call breakfast to every kid in one of their schools, whether they like it or not, they proceeded to shake down the kids for what amounts to a political contribution to kick start the VA First Lady’s political ambitions.

How do you like having your kids being campaign props in the Democratic Party’s ever growing political stranglehold on Manassas and surrounding Prince William County?

GMBL Wins State Titles



Manassas wins 8u and 9u state titles in Baseball.

Girls 8u Softball team repeats as state champs.

Youth Baseball and how not to run a school system. Registration for Fall at GMBL is opening soon !

"Manassas Is For Baseball" - Mayor Parrish

“Manassas Is For Baseball” – Mayor Parrish


Thank You Ellen.

And then there were none

And then there were none


See 58 minute mark on. Unbelievable Discussion:

Gee, I would think LE would like the evidence of a recording.

Do you think school board members appreciate the irony of them being filmed voting to ban filming? Pretty soon they will ban phones at proms. Thank you Ellen Purdy for all your efforts to bring some accountability and openness to MCPS and thank you school board for your public record for all that you do.

As Director of Manassas’ Parks & Recreation what do you consider the system’s most obvious shortcoming?

Field of Dreams with Parking

Fields of Dreams with Parking

Hundreds of kids playing baseball and softball on city ball fields in a city ball park from early spring to late fall, could there be a better entrance, gateway to an American city? Or is Manassas simply destined to be a city located in a strip mall, where developers stuff dollar bills into politicians’ garters?

Did you get your parks and recreation survey in the mail? If not, Manassas citizens can also go to the city’s survey and tell the politicians what they can’t seem to figure out, i.e., kids need more than just tablets and recess denied, they need places to play and learn outside the overbearing reach of  a school board and a central office preoccupied with their self image.

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