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The major question that came out of yesterday’s mayoral contest at the local Republican convention is:

Will the same Hal Parrish who defended his own job so aggressively and smartly yesterday start to show the same warrior spirit when it comes to defending the fundamental rights and interests of Manassas citizens?

To sum up Hal’s performance in the word of one local politician in a hushed tone sitting behind me as Hal left the podium: “Wow.”

Hal’s response to the surprising and very serious challenge of Vice-Mayor Andy Harrover will go down as one of the more memorable performances in a local Mayoral race.

It was impressive.  Hal pulled off  a political version of  Mohammad Ali’s rope a dope, by going into the convention with seemingly no clue how to respond to the last-minute unexpected challenge of Harrover. Hal’s mailers and no on-line presence did not bode well for team Parrish, and the huge numbers of registered delegates suggested that Harrover’s pathbreaking use of social networking tools may have introduced the possibility of a mini Arab spring in Manassas.

Hal’s biggest vunerability was the general impression around town that he was a nice guy who was able to show up at events make everybody feel calm, content, relaxed, maybe a little sleepy at times, but overall he carried out the ceremonial duties of the mayor job very well. The question Harrover raised, and it did resonate in the community, was whether Hal’s take on the Mayor’s job was good enough for the problems Manassas has been experiencing and will continue to experience in the coming years?

Harrover posed a serious challenge to Parrish. He comes from a Manassas family, he’s smart, he has been very active, a leader on a City Council whose work Hal pointed to as a reason for Hal’s own re-election, and Harrover is full of ideas and innovative. Harrover was a serious challenger even for a popular Mayor. However, Harrover had one serious weakness he himself couldn’t go negative, others would have to do it for him, and even then the blowback from a negative campaign by team Harrover would have likely made Harrover’s own tenure as Mayor a miserable time for all.

Hal on the other hand had the advantage of having to address one major shortcoming – was he really tough enough for tough times or had he merely photo-oped himself thru the last 4 years? Had his failure to get tough in front of the Manassas Wall and demand that it be taken down, or his failure to challenge aggressively the failure of our school system, or his failure to check the visa of his fellow dancers in the Ballet, permanently stamped Hal as “The Mayor in Tights” or was he the kind of guy who could mix it up and hang out with some local transplants and rowdy types  from his wife’s hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. ?

Mr. Mayor, I owe you a beer and we need to talk Ballet.


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Convention Summary

Hal Parrish won the Mayoral Slot.

Jon Way, Ian Lovejoy, and Mark Wolfe won the three councilman slots.


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There are registered some  800 Manassas residents (we hope) for today’s Republican convention.  If it is possible, I hope that all the names of the delegates will become part of the public record. The Manassas GOP should proudly posts all these participants on their website, the one they update every year or two.  For the one or two Democrats who think they are sneaking in and messing with us – welcome to the wonderful, seemingly never-ending, inane world of Republican mailing literature; for those who don’t believe in an afterlife and the existence of Heaven and Hell, well, Republican mailers bring a little bit of one of those realms right into your here & now for the rest of your lives. 🙂

“A city depends on the integrity and virtue of its citizens to prosper.”   – I.F. Orget

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(I also offered the Mayor an opportunity to post his thoughts, I await his response)

Good Afternoon:

Congratulations, because tomorrow morning is all about you. Tomorrow morning you will have the power to change the future of Manassas. You will have the power to determine whether to keep things as they are or change them for the better.

If you are like me then you are tired of the same old status quo. I find it intolerable that problems in Manassas sit unresolved at the same time we are surrounded by one of the richest counties in the United States of America.

Well, tomorrow you have the opportunity to change things. If you nominate me I promise you that I will stay up nights until our schools are thriving. I will relentlessly ensure that all laws are promptly enforced. I will act against blighted properties that pull down the value of surrounding properties, and I will tirelessly pursue new businesses for Manassas. This is my home town and I am not giving up. I will not accept no for an answer. If there is any doubt that I am willing to shake up the status quo, remember that I am challenging an entrenched incumbent politician to do so.

 I cannot do this without your help. Without your help we will at best “endure.” Merely “enduring” is not satisfactory to me and I’ll bet it’s not satisfactory to you. I want Manassas to thrive and there is no reason why it cannot. But new leadership is needed at the very top. If the leadership at the very top does not change then no one should expect real change. Please show up tomorrow and vote with me to change the future of our City. Remember, the future is in your hands!

Remember that the doors open at 8:00 tomorrow morning and that we’re expecting a big crowd!

 Vote Harrover tomorrow and say “No” to the status quo!


Andy Harrover


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In compliance with the Fairness Doctrine, here is an email I just recieved from Candidate Sheryl Bass:

Good Afternoon Manassas Delegates!!

I want to continue to serve YOU as YOUR Pro-Manassas Republican Councilwoman! Together we can work together to maintain low taxes, provide essential services, promote smart economic development, focus on our public schools, and attract visitors, families and businesses to OUR City of Manassas, “Rich in Historic Interest.”;

It has come to my attention that you may not have received my recent emails, due to too much content or too many contacts. I apologize if you are receiving this email again, but I am resending it with a Word document which includes my message. I hope to hear from you!

I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow, Saturday, January 28, Metz Middle School, doors open at 8:00 a.m. I need your vote to continue to serve YOU as YOUR Pro-Manassas Republican Councilwoman!



Sheryl Bass



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Mark Wolfe responds to charge that he hired an illegal alien in today’s Patch

Documents forthcoming? Looking forward to reading original Russian documents, no translation needed.

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