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Last day to vote, I wish I had seen this earlier (Patch), but I’ve been out of town.

Go to http://www.deloachcommunitygardens.com/, and vote for one of our own local gradens so that they can get a grant for fencing and other needed items.


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I’m sure we can all think of possible political motivations for the US Department of Education to give Virginia a waiver for meeting AYP objectives, yet any reduction in the poorly thought out federal intervention brought about by the NCLB Act is welcomed. SOLs are bad enough for us to deal with, so a little less outside distractions for the students and teachers will hopefully be a good thing. Here’s the June 29th announcement VDOE:

NCLB Waiver Approved by US Department of Education

Flexibility Plan Does Away with Complex & Unrealistic “AYP” Objectives

Charles Pyle, Director Communications was kind enough to provide this link concerning  “state-approved turnaround partners” mentioned in the June 29th Press release.

The VDOE-vetted and approved lead turnaround partners are:

  • Cambridge Education – an educational services company based in the United Kingdom providing services to schools and districts in 22 states
  • EdisonLearning – an education services and charter-school management company serving schools and districts in 24 states
  • Johns Hopkins University – home of the Center for the Social Organization of Schools, developer of successful school restructuring models, including “Success for All”
  • Pearson K-12 Solutions – a division of Pearson Education providing turnaround and transformation services to schools and districts in Colorado and Washington

I suspect Osbourn might qualify as a priority school, but I’m waiting for a response to which Manassas schools fall under “priority” and “focus” schools.

There will be some possible drawbacks  the priority and focus schools, will no longer be subject to previous federal “improvement” sanctions, which required them to provide  public school choice or private tutoring.

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