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Hell Hath Frozen Over, Bravo Bob Woodward!

Meanwhile, Manassas make sure you run down to City Hall Monday night and demand an increase in your taxes! CIP! CIP!

Pay no attention to the chaos behind the curtain on the state and national levels.


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Budesky’s CIP Coup?

Several weeks ago the City Council narrowly voted to remain accountable to Manassas taxpayers by agreeing to vote on major projects individually so that the taxpayers could see how their elected representatives managed the money they were taking from the citizens of Manassas for the common good.

However, it now appears that the new City Manager’s CIP process has rolled up all major spending projects for the next several years into one big omnibus spending bill which will, if passed, make those uncomfortable, open individual votes by City Council members unnecessary.

Every special interest appears to have done well from what I’m being told and what I’ve read so far.  Budesky’s CIP  appears to have been crafted by the special interests for the special interests of Manassas; it promises to make local government already ridiculously opaque and behind the scenes even more so. What does this mean for average Manassas taxpayer ? There’s new, higher taxes coming to Manassas.



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