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Andy Harrover For CXO, He Has The Math Skills

I don’t often delve into the politics of the City of Manassas as the PWC
political trainwreck provides plenty of grist for the mill but when a comment so
stupid as the one published today runs in the local media, I just can’t let it
pass.  As a preface, should the BOCS ever choose to dispose of Mrs. Peacor, I
would suggest they attempt to hire Andy Harrover as he seems to possess the
requisite questionable math skills and ability to publicly offer his flawed
analysis in a favorable light.

In today’s InsideNova
Harrover justified a potential 10 cent increase in the tax rate rather than
an incremental 3 cent increase over a number of years by stating that some
financial experts had said that increasing the tax rate once, rather than a
little bit each year, would save taxpayers money, allowing the “City to take
advantage of current interest rates, buy down some projects and leverage
existing cash on hand”. “The net of that activity is that it would cost the
taxpayers less over the next several years than doing it incrementally.”

I hate to be Little Miss Math Maven but even Carol Knight can see the
flaw in his theory.  Perhaps and example is in order.  Let’s take the example of
$300,000 house and presume that there will be no increase in its assessment for
the next few years.  An increase in the tax rate of 10 cents would generate and
additional tax burden of $288 each of the next three years for a cumulative
total of $864.  Similarly, an increase in the tax rate of 3 cents as suggested
by the City Manager would generate an additional burden of $90, $180 and $270

in the same years for a cumulative total of $540.  Under the latter scenario the
tax payer would pay $198 less in the first year and $324 over the three year
period, numbers that would skew upward when (not if) assessments rise.  I might
be a little simple but the 10 cent increase certainly doesn’t appear to result
in taxpayers saving any money, but then again my elementary studies predate Math Investigations by several decades so what do I know.


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Manassas City Manager John Budesky has announced he will resign his post “for the sake of his family, he would need to relocate to the Hanover, Virginia area to take part in the health care of an ailing family member.”

I’m sure all Manassas wishes him well and can understand “Family” as being a good reason for leaving Manassas, and I hear taxes will be lower in Hanover.

His accomplishments during his short stay in Manassas are cited at the end of the linked article, the article left out the possible 6% family-friendly values added tax which comes with the award-winning CIP project which appears likely to be approved by the family-friendly City Council.

Mr. Budesky summed up his love for Manassas by stating: “It is a tight-knit, passionate community where great things are happening….”

I take a somewhat different view of Manassas, I see it as a tight-knit, community of special interests where things are happening, though I’m glad he enjoyed his brief stay.

No word who might replace Budesky, maybe Lori Perez can be lured back to work for the city?

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After I had my daughter wipe off the snow from the car we were ready to get into the car and go off to school, I told my daughter to once more check online and the TV to see if there was school since the other surrounding districts were cancelling or had a two-hour delay. Why? Just last week the school system cancelled with no snow on the ground and now other jurisdictions were canceling and the forecast was uncertain. Suddenly, my daughter asked what’s Code Blue? And sure enough I went and turned on the TV to see streaming ticker underneath saying Manassas City schools code blue, (I think it was channel 8). I was pretty sure that was cancellation but I went to the school system website anyway just to make sure it wasn’t a two-hour delay. Yep cancellation , but what I found strange, Manassas strange, was that the site said make sure that ‘you’ check multiple sources to see if the schools are closed. Okay Manassas City Schools I’ll check multiple sources other than the school system’s official site to see what you tell others what to tell us. And if one of those sources make a mistake? I guess my kids are just…. living and missing another school day in Manassas, which in the long term is increasingly unclear whether that is a bad or a good thing.

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Citizens of Manassas, come and cheer on you local politicians tonight as they attempt to get their share of the green, your green, with your Federal and State representatives, who have already hit the jackpot by raising your taxes significantly even though they promised that they wouldn’t.

Meanwhile in Europe, Euro bureaucrats have taken a more honest, direct, transparent approach to solving financial problems – straight out confiscation.

Cyprus Banking Coming to Manassas?

Cyprus Banking Coming to Manassas?


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