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Last week Osbourn Principal Joe Gabalski  sent out the email attached below. Why do Osbourn Principals believe it’s in their job description to promote political activism during school hours? Didn’t the last Osbourn Principal get canned for that? Or should have.

Shouldn’t the business of Manassas City Public School Administrators be about supporting the teachers and students in getting thru the approved curriculum rather than organizing political demonstrations? I know at least one student who was prevented twice last week from leaving Eagle bloc to attend SOL remediation sessions due to the need for everyone to give their “input” on the planned walkout for this week. And I’m sure other students and faculty were also kept from normal school activities last week.

It appears Principal Gabalski  decided to make a bad idea even worse by not only entertaining the idea of allowing a walkout and signing off on it, but then also making sure that it took up even more time and resources of the school by dragging the event out over a whole week of input and extracurricular activities. Result? See below. After reading the email, my reaction was to mentally add: P.S. Meanwhile your children will continue to get a second rate education.

Why do we continue to tolerate this nonsense in our schools. Osbourn High School is one the best protected high schools in the country. J.M.J.  there’s a Police Department right next door to it, it’s practically part of the campus. No gun zone? Yes, but really, no. Thank you City planners.

It was a tragedy what happened in Florida. But it was the result of a failed school system, and a failure of local and federal law enforcement. Wouldn’t it be a better response to the Florida tragedy to have a simple moment of silence  and then “demonstrate” how a high school should educate and keep safe its students by having – a normal school day?


—– The Snowflake Email:

Good evening. This is Joe Gabalski, principal of Osbourn High School calling with updates for next week. Over the past two days our teachers and staff have been meeting with students to obtain their input for our response to the walkout that is being planned for next week. We have received hundreds of responses from students and I want to thank all of them for the thoughtful insight they provided to us.

As a result of input from students, our student leaders and administration have agreed to the following schedule for next week. Beginning on Tuesday a banner signing will be made available in the cafeteria during all lunches and students can write messages to the students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. The banner will be available through the end of lunches on Wednesday and then it will be sent to Stoneman Douglas High School. On Monday we will have two activities for our students. First, Monday will be a “See Something, Say Something” pledge day. The purpose of this is to have students make a pledge to report issues they see at school to an adult. It will also be a “Practice 17 Acts of Kindness Day”. Students will be asked to conduct 17 acts of kindness throughout the day, a way for them to make Osbourn a better place in 17 ways. On Tuesday students will be encouraged to wear grey, white and red, the colors of Stoneman Douglas High School. On this day students will also be encouraged to speak with 17 students that they don’t know. The purpose of this activity is to continue the process of making Osbourn a more connected family of students.

On Wednesday, March 14, students will be afforded two options for the 10:00 am walkout. First, students can choose to remain in their Eagle Block class and not participate. During this time students may utilize their Eagle Block class as they normally do. Students also may choose to use this time to write a letter of support to the students at Stoneman Douglas, write a letter to their congressman or senator or observe this time in a way that follows the intent of the day. No student will be forced to participate in the walkout. It is important for all students to know that they do not have to participate in the walkout, and that they are free to utilize Eagle Block as they normally do.

Second, students who choose will be permitted to take part in the walkout. At 9:50 am, an announcement will be made explaining the procedure for the walkout. At 10:00 am all students participating in the walkout are to be in the designated area. At 10:00 am, the 17 minutes of silence will begin. In one minute intervals the names of the victims from Stoneman Douglas High School will be read and a balloon will be released. Once the 17 names are read and the 17 balloons are released, all students will be expected to return to their Eagle Block class. Due to testing taking place later in the day it is imperative that students return to their Eagle Block class beginning promptly at 10:17 am. I am asking parents to speak with their students about the two choices being provided. Students will need to notify their Eagle Block teacher of their choice tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support and I encourage parents, students and teachers to continue to dialogue with us. I also want to say a special word of thanks to our security team and the Manassas City Police Department who help keep our school safe and peaceful.  Have a good evening.



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