Big Scissors Everywhere in Manassas. Ballparks, Parks?

Big Scissors Everywhere in Manassas. Ballparks, Parks? Kids Playing Ball?

Here’s a hypothetical situation and question, I think it may have been presented at a recent Harvard JFK School of Government training course:

A community has 1,000 local kids who want to play baseball and softball on weeknights and weekends. You have thousands of local citizens family and friends of those kids who voluntarily supervise and monitor the kids as they play and learn the valuable life lessons which sports has to teach children. Suddenly the fields the kids are about to step foot on to play are hit by a tornado, and shortly thereafter, cosmically speaking, pummeled by a blizzard.

What’s a local leader to do?

A. Hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in Old Town?

B. Invite a 1000 kids from elsewhere and build them a new school and playground?

C. Hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in Old Town?

D. Sponsor an historical reenactment of the Civil War with an alternative outcome where you have one lone African-American symbolically tending the fields?

E. Hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in Old Town?

F. Fix the Frig’in Fields?


The above hypothetical question submitted to the Harvard JFK School of Government with no copyright strings attached is solely the product of one disgruntled volunteer parent who if he sees one more photo of a local leader cutting a ribbon without first addressing THIS hypothetical question will lead a hypothetical uprising of aforementioned hypothetical kids and adult volunteers surround the city hall while council is in session and wrap the building in toilet paper and silly string and force the local leaders to cut their way out of the building with what appears to be their endless supply of big, big, scissors.







It’s not Manassas, but as Manassas reconsiders its parks and recreation programs perhaps it can learn from the best.



“At least 13 front companies that AP identified being actively used by the FBI are registered to post office boxes in Bristow, Virginia, which is near a regional airport used for private and charter flights. Only one of them appears in state business records.”

(AP – Whose side is the press on?)


Manassas Junction Police


Ex Ultra Jordan

Manassas City saw some big changes with the elections this year. This is the first election since the City election cycle was moved to November from May to coincide with the general election. This is also the first time the Democratic Party has won a City Council seat in many years. Non-partisan activist groups were prominent players in the various City Council campaigns. In the end, of course, the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day. Based on the data available from the Election Board here is some analysis of yesterday’s results.

Not surprisingly, voter turnout increased almost three times over the last Manassas City only election.

There was a thought that the higher voter turnout would tilt the election to a sweep for the Democrats, but the 8185 Manassas citizens who voted elected both Republicans to the City Council. The Democrats were competitive though. The chart…

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Manassas, You Will Be Taken.


This coming election day a thoroughly corrupt and comically obvious transgender marriage of the local Republican and Democratic establishments wishes Manassas:

Good Luck

Good Luck








The question facing the citizens of Manassas is pretty simple – Do you really think Liam Neeson is going to come save you?


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