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Youth Baseball and how not to run a school system. Registration for Fall at GMBL is opening soon !

"Manassas Is For Baseball" - Mayor Parrish

“Manassas Is For Baseball” – Mayor Parrish



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Field of Dreams with Parking

Fields of Dreams with Parking

Hundreds of kids playing baseball and softball on city ball fields in a city ball park from early spring to late fall, could there be a better entrance, gateway to an American city? Or is Manassas simply destined to be a city located in a strip mall, where developers stuff dollar bills into politicians’ garters?

Did you get your parks and recreation survey in the mail? If not, Manassas citizens can also go to the city’s survey and tell the politicians what they can’t seem to figure out, i.e., kids need more than just tablets and recess denied, they need places to play and learn outside the overbearing reach of  a school board and a central office preoccupied with their self image.

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