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Manassas wins 8u and 9u state titles in Baseball.

Girls 8u Softball team repeats as state champs.


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Youth Baseball and how not to run a school system. Registration for Fall at GMBL is opening soon !

"Manassas Is For Baseball" - Mayor Parrish

“Manassas Is For Baseball” – Mayor Parrish


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Field of Dreams with Parking

Fields of Dreams with Parking

Hundreds of kids playing baseball and softball on city ball fields in a city ball park from early spring to late fall, could there be a better entrance, gateway to an American city? Or is Manassas simply destined to be a city located in a strip mall, where developers stuff dollar bills into politicians’ garters?

Did you get your parks and recreation survey in the mail? If not, Manassas citizens can also go to the city’s survey and tell the politicians what they can’t seem to figure out, i.e., kids need more than just tablets and recess denied, they need places to play and learn outside the overbearing reach of  a school board and a central office preoccupied with their self image.

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Big Scissors Everywhere in Manassas. Ballparks, Parks?

Big Scissors Everywhere in Manassas. Ballparks, Parks? Kids Playing Ball?

Here’s a hypothetical situation and question, I think it may have been presented at a recent Harvard JFK School of Government training course:

A community has 1,000 local kids who want to play baseball and softball on weeknights and weekends. You have thousands of local citizens family and friends of those kids who voluntarily supervise and monitor the kids as they play and learn the valuable life lessons which sports has to teach children. Suddenly the fields the kids are about to step foot on to play are hit by a tornado, and shortly thereafter, cosmically speaking, pummeled by a blizzard.

What’s a local leader to do?

A. Hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in Old Town?

B. Invite a 1000 kids from elsewhere and build them a new school and playground?

C. Hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in Old Town?

D. Sponsor an historical reenactment of the Civil War with an alternative outcome where you have one lone African-American symbolically tending the fields?

E. Hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in Old Town?

F. Fix the Frig’in Fields?


The above hypothetical question submitted to the Harvard JFK School of Government with no copyright strings attached is solely the product of one disgruntled volunteer parent who if he sees one more photo of a local leader cutting a ribbon without first addressing THIS hypothetical question will lead a hypothetical uprising of aforementioned hypothetical kids and adult volunteers surround the city hall while council is in session and wrap the building in toilet paper and silly string and force the local leaders to cut their way out of the building with what appears to be their endless supply of big, big, scissors.






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It’s not Manassas, but as Manassas reconsiders its parks and recreation programs perhaps it can learn from the best.


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At the beginning of the school year I was more than happy to give credit to MCPS for putting up a health warning on their web site about the virus that is spreading across the country and appears to be hitting kids especially hard. Three weeks into the school year I’m not feeling so great about the depth and effectiveness of the MCPS’ response to what is becoming one of major issues facing our schools and schools around the country in their mission to educate and safeguard our kids during the school day.

For a school system which has the resources to be handing out free IPads like candy and which has a compulsive obsession with issuing feel good public affairs announcements, one would think someone in authority either on the school board or in the central office would realize that a web warning with a list of symptoms and guidelines was only one step that needed to taken. Another even more obvious step would have been to devote some resources to increasing the health care staffing and support to meet the obviously predictable rush to the school clinics. This was not hard to see coming. I can tell you from first hand observation right now the Osbourn and Mayfield nurse offices need help and additional space, I suspect the other schools in the MCPS are in similar need.

What to do? I know what the School Board and Central Office first response will be: “WE WANT MORE MONEY!” Well, here’s an alternative for the people who wanted to run our schools: You go down to the school nurses’ office and YOU take time out of your work days and your family times and you volunteer and help respond to the health threat which YOU saw coming but which you thought could simply be treated with a public health warning. You dumped this on the nurses and the schools, you deal with it in the real world just like the staff, students and parents are being forced to deal with it.

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The Banality of Evil

The Banality of Evil

Over a year ago I suggested that the collapse of our immigration system could not have happened without the active participation and knowledge of local and state politicians. I cited the example of the Kansas City MO area which experienced a boom in US immigration workers handling the DACA kids and now likely the UAC. You would be surprised at the people and strange bedfellows feeding off the collapse of the system. For instance, how many of you know that Virginia houses many of the records of immigrants and visitors which are no longer housed at the National Records Center in Lee’s Summit MO ? Did you know that Virginia is the place to locate for the booming Immigration Law industry? Did you know that USIS the company which has botched thousands, thousands of government employee background checks, including Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard Shooter, has been awarded a contract by USCIS? Did you know that the Director of the National Benefits Center has deep connections to our local metro area and the contractor and legal community which has made a fortune from many Americans’ misfortune in dealing with the negative consequences of a chaotic and corrupt immigration system? Did you know that Director, who also headed up the National Record Center at one time, has been the subject of whistleblower reports of gross misconduct, corrupt hiring practices, destruction of public records and manufacturing of false records? Did you know the President recently recognized and rewarded the Director for his service? Did you know Congressional investigators are afraid to investigate or bring to light the stellar record of the Director because they are afraid of what they have already exposed or will expose in regard to classified government use of the immigration system? The government use of which is so botched and compromised that key government agencies no longer know whether they are running targets  or are being run by targets?

Now that the Administration and other “pro-reform ” immigration advocates like to speak of the necessity of fixing our “broken immigration system,” a system many of them or their political allies have made a fortune and/or a career in breaking, see the new head of the USCIS, (or for that matter the former Director who is now No.2 at DHS) it might be worth a little time focusing on the losers in the collapse of our immigration system.


The losers? First up, the Youth For Tomorrow.






On Deck: Charter Schools

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